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Smoke Buddy

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Smoke Buddy

 The original Smoke Buddy is a personal smoke filter for filtering weed smoke out of the air. Smoke from a pipe or the like is filtered by exhaling through and is reduced while eliminating odor.

The double filter in the Smoke Buddy works impressively well to filter catch smoke particles inside the filter. How to clean a smoke buddy? You simply remove the cap and rinse your Smoke Buddy with soap and hot water. Wondering how long does a Smoke Buddy last? The air filter can be reused over and over if it's cleaned from time to time. Eventually, resins may build up enough to where it needs replacing but most last for years.



  • Height: 5in
  • Weed smoke filter
  • Reduces cannabis odors
  • Removable cap
  • Available in Lime, Black, Purple, Woodgrain, and Glow-In-The-Dark Blue