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Top 5 benefits of vaporization!

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Vaporizers are still a relatively new thing, but they have already conquered the hearts of cannabis fans. And with good reason – vaporizers have some attractive advantages over smoking, while providing the same pleasant experience. Here is our Top 5 benefits of vaporization!


One of the main advantages of using a vaporizer is that it offers a much purer and healthier experience. Vaporizers heat the cannabis to the point where the cannabinoids evaporate, without burning the plant material in the plant. As a result, the vapour does not contain any of the toxins, carbon monoxide or tar that are in the smoke.

When marijuana is burned, the smoke created contains approximately 88 percent noncannabinoid particles, which means that only a small fraction becomes smoke. Most cannabinoids are destroyed by heat during the burning process, and potentially harmful particles are created instead.

In contrast, when cannabis is vaporized, the cannabinoid content of the vapor is 95%, and the remaining 5% is composed of a single PAH and caryophyllene – a non-toxic essential oil found in cannabis and other plants. As a result, pure cannabis vapour is much healthier than smoke.


As explained above, vaporizers are much more efficient when it comes to getting the most out of cannabis. Some reports suggest that vaporizers are 30 to 40 per cent more effective than smoking. What this means is that it takes less cannabis to get to the same place as you would by smoking it.

If you take a 30 per cent efficiency, it means using a third less herb than normal, which has the potential to create significant savings over time. These savings can make the vaporizer pay for itself, sometimes in as little as half a year – depending on how much you use.


Vaporization does not produce a thick smoke that stays everywhere, as combustion does. This is because there is no tar or other chemicals present that cause it to stick to clothes and other objects. The vapor disperses within seconds of being exhaled, and only people in close proximity will be able to smell it briefly.

This has many advantages. Firstly, your house and clothes will no longer reek of smoke, and secondly, an element of secrecy is added, as the steam does not travel very far before it disappears – this can be a major advantage if you want to get on the move. This is a particularly important feature for pen steamers.


Unlike other methods of taking cannabis, the vaporizer allows excellent dose control. It is very easy to get the high you want; and because many modern vaporizers vaporize the herb evenly without destroying it, as with combustion, you can be sure you are getting the most out of it.


The use of a vaporizer is very discreet, especially if you use a pen vaporizer. As the smell doesn’t travel far, stain or linger, it’s very easy to hide a Vape Pen quickly, in case you have to.

Also, many Vape pens look like e-cigarettes, so it is possible to give you a good vaporization session in broad daylight, without anyone noticing. Very useful for those who want to get high on the go.

As you can see, there are many advantages of vaporizers over smoking. Vaporizers revolutionize the way we use grass – for the better. It can be a great initial investment in the short term, but if you can afford it, it’s a solid investment you won’t regret.

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